Meeting Markus Klinko

My blog is relatively new and is in need of update from past events, starting first with my trip to New York with Mark Sebastian, Simpson Yiu and Jackie Martinez back in September 2007. Long story short, the four of us headed to grand old New York City on business to meet celebrity photographer Markus Klinko. We had the honor of staying at the Tribeca Grand Hotel for a weekend. Our itinerary included dinner plans with Markus Klinko at EN Japanese Brasserie, random street shoots with Jackie, a happenstance meeting with a timid greyhound that had once modeled in Elle magazine, and random excursions around the big city. It definitely was a memorable adventure filled with interesting characters and humorous stories. You can view the slideshow with more photos below:

The gang with Markus Klinko
Mini photoshoot with Markus Klinko after having dinner at his favorite sushi restaurant that he frequents.
Times Square
Mark, Simpson and I decided to start shooting Jackie in the middle of Times Square and all of a sudden a crowd of people start forming a line to take pictures with Jackie. A phrase from a side conversation I overheard between a girlfriend and her boyfriend: “She ain’t no model! She just look GOOD!” says girlfriend. Boyfriend lines up to take a photo with Jackie regardless of girlfriend’s comment. Photo by Simpson Yiu.

Improv Shoot at South Stree Pier
Improv Shoot at South Stree Pier

Improv photoshoot: Jackie and I had just bought hooded sweatshirts at the mall on South Street Pier – mine being my first tourist kid size New York hoody. Photo by Mark Sebastian.
Taxi ride back to hotel
Taxi ride back to hotel

The ride back home from South Street Pier. Photo by Simpson Yiu.


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