Something to be glad about

Life gets wildy unexpected and crazy.
Yes, that’s a fact and it’s tough trying to deal sometimes. I always try to concentrate on the happy and the good things in life. But, what happens when things get too tough?

After being one to waste time worrying about things, people, situations and the worse-case scenario,  I’ve found that practicing gratitude has changed my life tremendously.

There are other things that can really make an impact on a more happy and meaningful life like…

Surrounding yourself with positive people

Spreading your sparkle

Not acting like the victim

Doing something that makes you happy

Staying busy



Tamber Bey is the way

Nestled on Sundance Ranch in Calistoga, Tamber Bey brings on a serene smile when you drive up the road lined with horses roaming on the world-class, 22-acre grounds. It’s an ultra premium winery that is also an equestrian facility dedicated to top performance horses, along with a safe haven for rescued horses.

Tamber Bey’s wine portfolio includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and many other wines, including estate-grown, single-vineyard-designated varietals and fantastic Bordeaux-style blends. Winemaker Andy Jones, a Thomas Brown protégé, leads in crafting the flavors of each wine, with Thomas as the consulting winemaker.

You’ll need to schedule a wine tasting with them in advance, as they only take reservations via phone or online by selecting from either a “Vineyard Tasting Menu” or the “Signature Tasting Menu,” both tasting menu includes five different wines.I went with the Vineyard Tasting Menu and was pleasantly impressed with their wines. The Vineyard Menu included a 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, a 2018 Chardonnay, a 2019 Rose, a 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2017 Rabicano. Of the five, the Chardonnay, Rose and Rabicano were my favorites. I ended up leaving with nine bottles of wine.

Masks are required on the premises except when you’re sipping on their delightful wines. You’ll check in inside at their tasting room but will then be led outside to enjoy your wines outside. Robert was our sommelier and was very knowledgeable, down to earth and kind. He took me around the property to meet some of the horses and I have to admit, the horses added to the magic to the whole wine experience in Calistoga.

Tamber Bey truly is like nothing else in Napa Valley, I would even consider it a hidden gem. I will definitely be coming back and bringing friends along to share the experience with and will be recommending it to friends visiting the area.

Their wines are pleasantly delicious and crafted with exquisite care that you can taste. It’s a winery definitely worth a visit to enjoy the stunning property, sip on some fine wines, and mingle with friends and horses.

= = =

Please connect with them on: Instagram – @tamberbey
Address: 1251 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga, CA 94515

Brimming with nostalgia

Goorin Bros. Summer 2020 Campaign.

Shot just before we all knew we were going into the COVID SIP. Already now almost three months later, I can honestly say how much I miss creating content without necessary limitations and restrictions of COVID. I truly miss the creative team (shoutouts to Glenn, Keith, John Ross, and Nicole) at Goorin Bros. and the amazing times inside and outside of the Goorin photo studio. Shooting and creating content for all the Goorin Bros. marketing campaigns for the past two years has been such a memorable experience.

The Best in the West

Back in August, we packed our bags and headed for the hills of Cerro Gordo, CA, with Goorin Bros., to an abandoned mining town in search of a golden opportunity. Check out the editorial story on the Goorin Bros.’ website.

“Our mission was to capture a contemporary approach towards styling, inspired by Western classics, that speaks to quality American craftsmanship that you can trust. Here’s a small glimpse of what we unearthed. These hardworking, long-wearing hat styles will provide years of enjoyment, and classic elements and trims ensure they will remain fashionably sound for just as long. In the spirit of the miners of Cerro Gordo, you’re gonna dig them.” – Nathaniel Pearce

Special thanks to models Remington Hoffman and Savvy Taylor, stylist Sydney Forester, Miles Stackpool, and Aaron Saltzman. 

FAME Presents x Content Magazine | Fashion Panel

A special thank you to Content Magazine and FAME Presents for organizing a Fashion Industry panel discussion last week. It was a such an inspiration to be amongst a group of inspiring and passionate panel of entrepreneurial innovators. What a great opportunity to be able to come together and immerse ourselves in conversation to share our experiences, insights and vulnerabilities in front of friends and strangers who all share one thing in common. Thank you to all that came out to support and listen!

Images by @visualsbydavidho and @rodrosetephoto 

It’s certainly been a long time since our last post but it’s also been an extremely exciting year with a slew of creative projects going on. Please stay tuned to see what’s been going on at the studio!

food + wine | idlewild

We had a wonderful time shooting with Idlewild Winery and owner, Sam Bilbro, recently. Bilbro was named Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers of 2017 and specializes in making hard-to-find, Piedmontese-style wines like Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Cortese, Arneis and Barbera.

The bottles are so beautifully designed and taste even more amazing.

“Idlewild has a relatively concise aim within a broad context: to produce wines of exceptional balance and beauty. It is a journey to pursue Italy’s Piedmont in the elevated hills of Mendocino County, and to find the sides of these varieties that are intriguing, delicious, and haunting.

Each wine is unique and treated as such, though the common thread is balancing depth and seriousness with vibrancy and joy. Emphasis is on the vineyard followed by minimalist winemaking techniques. While not dogmatic in practice, an honest and sustainable approach is fundamental in making wines of purity.”

For more information, visit them at:

Idlewild Wines
132 Plaza St
Healdsburg, CA 95448

engagement | yeji + chris


Congratulations to Chris and Yeji! We’re super excited to cover their upcoming wedding in Italy ❤



travel | bruges

brugge1a week surrounded by beautiful old buildings where the merchants and charlatans use to live.
the city of bruges.
now infiltrated with tourists.
where the poor of the past now live in high rise flats.
i watched a carriage with a bored horse emerge from the streets.
streets so clean.
just playing tourist for the day
while looking for scenes to place a dutch spoken word artist for portraits for his website.

portrait | donovan

A baby in natural sleeping state is still with a sense of quiet awareness. He’s not worried about the dried up tears or flakes of skin on it’s body. He no longer has to look to anything to give him a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction, because he is already there outside of mother and into the world. Real baby portraits because nothing in life is as perfect as imperfection. We should embrace our natural state.

Welcome to the world, baby Donovan.