Something to be glad about

Life gets wildy unexpected and crazy.
Yes, that’s a fact and it’s tough trying to deal sometimes. I always try to concentrate on the happy and the good things in life. But, what happens when things get too tough?

After being one to waste time worrying about things, people, situations and the worse-case scenario,  I’ve found that practicing gratitude has changed my life tremendously.

There are other things that can really make an impact on a more happy and meaningful life like…

Surrounding yourself with positive people

Spreading your sparkle

Not acting like the victim

Doing something that makes you happy

Staying busy



Featured | Wedding Press Divas

We’ve been featured in Wedding Paper Divas‘s “100 Unexpected Wedding Themes” this morning!


View more here:…/themes.htm

What an honor it was to be such a fun project alongside a talented team of creatives.

event design and planning: Charmed Events Group // photography: Vivian Sachs Photography // floral design: Nicole Ha Designs // paper goods: Post Etiquette // hair and make-up: Joli de Jackie // bride and bridesmaid dress: Bella Bridesmaid, Los Gatos // wardrobe stylist: Adrea Cabrera // cake:  Jens Cakes // mini desserts: Creative Cake Bites // rentals:  Hartmann Studios // videography:  Viet Mac of (B.Lo.The.C.) // venue: Oakland Aviation Museum

mexico | the place you thought you knew

We recently found ourselves in Mexico to catch some snaps.
The sunshine there was delicious, the ocean was refreshing, and the wind bracing.
There was really no such thing as bad weather there.


portrait | emily

She’s a talent and good people.
Emily, actress and singer, delighted us by gracing our sights and lenses with her care-free allure recently 😉
We’ve got nothing but love and smiles for her.

MUA+Hair by Yvonne Truong


portrait | brent bushnell

We got the opportunity to meet Brent and it was one that really touch our hearts. He is probably one of the rare people we’ve meet whose eyes seemed to have seen all. It isn’t easy to be an artist in San Francisco, and survival is a little hard and even harder now than ever.

The Examiner mentions that “with apartments renting at $2000 a month and condos selling for five million and up, it’s become a city for the 1%. But some artists have managed to survive without compromising their vision of making art that transcends boundaries and speaks to both environmental concerns and mystical beliefs. Just ask Brent Bushnell who has managed to survive in San Francisco for decades, with one stint “in exile” in Sacramento… Brent came to San Francisco in 60s and got his MFA at SFSU, studying with noted Bay Area sculptor Stephen de Staebler, (among others)”

His studio was a small one and there was so much organized clutter all around but the kind of clutter where everything seemed to be used often and never lost it’s place on the shelf or crevice. Just like all the tool he had used to create his art, he and his passion for  will forever have a place in this city.

The other wonderful thing is that the homeless, encamped around the sculpture, tended the the works to keep them from being destroyed. Brent and Sofia brought some art even into the grim and difficult lives of San Francesco’s lowest of the low, proving that art can communicate across all boundaries.

“Brent shares concerns about the environment, our wanton misuse of natural resources and destruction of the wilderness. He is on a journey compelled by the love of art and, for both, it is the journey that is the reward.” You can find some of Brent’s sculptures around the city. “And the wonderful thing is that the homeless, encamped around the sculptures, tended the works to keep them from being destroyed, proving that art can communicate across all boundaries, even into the grim and difficult lives of those in San Francisco.”

inspiration | adriana lima

Though she became a household name for her Victoria’s Secret persona, Adriana Lima continues to prove it takes more than swimwear to standout at the top. In her cover story for Interview Germany April 2014, the supermodel mainstay is as bold as ever in graphic black and white. Minimal in styles by Julia von Boehm, we love Adriana’s magnetic gaze and edgy poses captivate under photographer Robbie Fimmano’s stark shadow play.

Robbie4 robbie5

travel | delights of the four corners

Just a few peeks at a project in the Southwest a few weeks ago. These are a compilation of random landscapes that we shot while traveling through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. Enjoy 🙂

184549_10101884628526153_112044431_n 998898_10101884628630943_1349864134_n 1004427_10101884628316573_198295532_n 983974_10101884711415043_1292406137_n 994759_10101884629010183_1171623499_n 1013095_10101884629055093_1376599090_n 1002062_10101884627887433_363346389_n 1017172_10101884711320233_1294228952_n 1013515_10101884711315243_1104769835_n

editorial | menagerie

We’re excited to share our menagerie editorial shoot, inspired by old world antiques, aged wood and metals, and taxidermy. The palettes of antique neutral tones with dashes of blush pink, amarillo and blue-greens go perfectly well with the vintage and lacy dresses.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.49.55 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.50.07 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.50.17 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.50.43 PM

Hair + makeup // Joli de Jackie
Inspiration decor + design + custom invites // Charmed  Events
Antiques // Big Daddy Antiques
Taxidermy collection // Jon Weston
Dresses // Sonthai Gi
Models // Emily + David
Photo Assistants // Lanae Roxas

Featured | Green Wedding Shoes Top Inspiration Shoots of 2012

We were delighted to find one of our shoots from 2012 named as one of Green Weddings Shoes Top Inspiration Shoot of 2012.

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 5.56.07 PM

Here’s the official link to the GWS article as well 🙂

This new year is already off to a good start and we are definitely looking forward to more beautiful events and shoots this year! Cheers!