portrait | donovan

A baby in natural sleeping state is still with a sense of quiet awareness. He’s not worried about the dried up tears or flakes of skin on it’s body. He no longer has to look to anything to give him a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction, because he is already there outside of mother and into the world. Real baby portraits because nothing in life is as perfect as imperfection. We should embrace our natural state.

Welcome to the world, baby Donovan.






portrait | vivian + vincent

Someone once told us that babies are bits of star-dust blown from the sky.
If that was the case, then all mothers must have held a star inside them.


engagement | jessica + justin

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love, of generosity and of goodness. That’s why we thought it was sweet when Jessica told us how Justin proposed just a few weeks before Christmas last year. And now, we had the pleasure of capturing more memories for them just before the holidays.

portrait | sita

Summer is here and that means summer break and graduation time for all the seniors.
Congratulations to our most recent grad, Sita!

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We also recommend this book, for life after graduation and any time you need a gentle reminder of life around you:


portrait | basaca family

We were thrilled to see the Basaca family again this holiday time of year! The kids have grown so fast and it’s such a warm feeling inside when the kids remember me and come running up to hug me 🙂
Here are some of our favorites!
lb1 lb3 lb4 lb5 lb7 lb9 lb10We’re all booked up for the rest of this year but you can always book your holiday session a year in advance 😛
Stay tuned on Black Friday… we’ll be having a special flash pre-sale for portrait session 😉