wedding | johanna + randy





wedding | bo + tobias

Love is all around this year at the beautiful San Francisco City Hall!
Congratulations to the gorgeous Bo and her beau, Tobias 🙂


wedding | cynthia + david


wedding | maryann + kevin

Just a few of our favorite shots from Maryann and Kevin’s special day. They wanted a few snaps prior to their intimate dinner reception to remember their special day 🙂


Photographs by Mark for Vivian Sachs Photography

wedding | elizabeth + mike

Elizabeth and Mike’s wedding and festivities were set in the beautiful Abacos, Bahamas.

Abacos is the place where everyone knew everyone and all that was happening 🙂 We got to run amuck the entire island in bicycles and golf carts around the intimate island and getting to know most of the locals.

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The night ended with some surprise fireworks!

– – – – –

We also covered their rehearsal dinner and had some fun getting to know everyone prior to the wedding day.

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engagement | natalie + nick

Natalie was gleaming with light and who could blame her. She was marrying John Travolta soon…

No. We’re kidding but it was hard to not confuse Nick with John’s resemblance. Can’t you agree?

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wedding | devon + chris

This season has been filled with many weddings, and surprisingly, many of them have been more low-key and intimate. Devon and Chris’ is one wedding that we have enjoyed shooting and one that our talented photographers, Mark and Lacey, have captured with a certain beauty and calm. Our biggest congratulations to Devon and Chris, whose blossoming friendship led to something that will be forever wonderful.
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VENUE \\ Le Colonial, San Francisco

wedding | michelle + alvin

In plain, Michelle and Alvin are just two cool cats. Like seriously cool. We love their energy and are so glad to have them as friends now! They definitely know how to have fun and it was one of the most entertaining weddings we’ve been to! Their beautiful day started at the Meridian Hotel and W Hotel with all of the getting ready details and then we made our way to the Terra Art Gallery for the ceremony and reception.

Alvin definitely understands the time constraints of weddings from his experience filming them, so he gave us three hours for bridal party portraits, allowing us plenty of time to get some great shots and goof off a little before their ceremony 🙂

ma1 ma2 ma2a I wanted to try something different so I decided to venture outside of the hotel this time for the dress and shoe captures. The red and white wall you see is a whole person taller than myself and luckily two construction workers walked by and caught me looking up at the wall in defeat and were kind enough to lend me a ladder to get the shot. ma3 ma4 ma5 ma6 ma7 ma8 ma9 ma10 ma11 ma12 ma13 ma14 ma15 ma16 ma17 ma18 ma19 ma20 ma21 ma22 ma23 ma24 ma25a ma25bma25ma27 ma28 ma30 ma31 ma32 ma33 ma34 ma35 ma36 ma37 ma38 ma39 ma40 ma41 ma42 ma43 ma44 ma45 ma46 ma49 ma50 ma51 ma52 ma52a ma53 ma54 ma56 ma57 ma58 ma59 ma60
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VENUE \\ Terra Gallery, San Francisco, CA
FLORALS \\ Hawthorn Florals

wedding | joann + ken

We love Joann and Ken! Besides them being one of the most adorable couples we’ve worked with,  they were so comfortable in front of the camera that their special day was a breeze to shoot and a great experience.  I remember showing up at city hall and Joann was all smiles, wearing a beautiful white dress and holding a giant bouquet of yellow roses that really added to her simple elegance. They both nailed every shot and direction I threw at them and we had a lot of fun. It felt like a real celebration, and it was great to share the day with them. Joann and Ken also surprised me when they asked me to sign as their witness, and I am so honored. Joann’s mom even jokes and says I’m part of the family now 🙂

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Three cheers and many kisses to come for Joann and Ken! We can’t wait to see them again for their big day early next year!

wedding | jasmin + scott

Jasmin and Scott were all smiles on their wedding date and who could blame them. All their closest family and friends were there to witness their union 🙂 Jasmin was absolutely stunning in her lace dress and Scott well-prepped in his suit!

js1 js2 js3 js4 js5 js6 js7 js8 js9 js11 js12 js13 js14 js15All our love to the happy new couple, Jasmin and Scott!