engagement | chenlu + don

A room is not a room without natural light, and in this case, there is room with a natural light of love for ChenLu and Don. These two share a love for architecture and actually met at work in their architecture firm. To make their session extra special, they wanted to revisit the firm they used to work at to recreate some of the scenes of their everyday interactions at work that eventually led them to fall in love.




engagement | angelique + jason

Love comes when you least expect it.

After not seeing Angelique since our teen years, I remember sitting at dinner about a year ago when she was telling me about this guy she had a date with. Fast forward to now and she’s in front of my camera with the same guy for her engagement photos 🙂

Congratulations to Angelique and Jason!
I can’t wait to shoot your big day!


engagement | diane + tom

Diane and her man met the old fashioned way in San Francisco. As they move onto the next chapter of their lives together, they will have to leave their hearts in San Francisco for the east coast. For Diane and Tom’s session, they decided they wanted to visit places that hold sentimental value in their relationship and places where memories have made them closer.

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engagement | melissa + drew

If there ever were a more intrepid couple, that would be Michelle and Drew. For their engagement session they wanted to shoot their session on the new Bay Bridge. Now, we say intrepid because it was a seven mile hike from the trail head to the middle of the bridge. We definitely got our workout for the day 🙂 md1 md2 md3 md4 md5 md6

engagement | lindsay + rob

Lindsay and Rob showed up to their session with smiles all around and right away we knew it would be a great session. They had no idea what they were in store for but they were up for anything!
We started with city views and then ended at the Sutro Bath Ruins for some intimate photos of them being them. And, them, being COMPLETELY in love 🙂

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