engagement | yeji + chris


Congratulations to Chris and Yeji! We’re super excited to cover their upcoming wedding in Italy ❤




engagement | chenlu + don

A room is not a room without natural light, and in this case, there is room with a natural light of love for ChenLu and Don. These two share a love for architecture and actually met at work in their architecture firm. To make their session extra special, they wanted to revisit the firm they used to work at to recreate some of the scenes of their everyday interactions at work that eventually led them to fall in love.



engagement | angelique + jason

Love comes when you least expect it.

After not seeing Angelique since our teen years, I remember sitting at dinner about a year ago when she was telling me about this guy she had a date with. Fast forward to now and she’s in front of my camera with the same guy for her engagement photos 🙂

Congratulations to Angelique and Jason!
I can’t wait to shoot your big day!


engagement | amber + alex

Amber and Alex have are dear friends of ours and we’re so excited they’re going to tie the knot. We had the pleasure of meeting them when we both shot a wedding together many years ago. Alex owns Alex Vo Films and is a very talented cinematographer. His lovely sunshine, Amber, is a talented artist as well. It’s a very heart-felt honor when they asked us they wanted us to photograph them. We love them both and are so excited for them!





Make-up + Hair by Minna Duong

engagement | jessica + justin

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love, of generosity and of goodness. That’s why we thought it was sweet when Jessica told us how Justin proposed just a few weeks before Christmas last year. And now, we had the pleasure of capturing more memories for them just before the holidays.

engagement | yuri + shintaro

They lived their lives unknowing of each other on opposite ends of the world. It was serendipity that brought them both to Tokyo and then to San Francisco so that we could capture a moment of their story 🙂

A girl sat behind the fish tank in a dim corner of the cafe. Effervescent purple lights drowned her face. He reached for her hand but she looked away. He traced his fingers along the glass instead and watched the fish glide by, bobbing between bubbles. He thought he caught her smiling…

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engagement | wendy + lawrence

Wendy and Lawrence are visiting from Malaysia for a friend’s wedding in San Francisco. It just so happens that they are engaged and they figured it would be an excellent opportunity to take engagement portraits. Being that it was Wendy’s first time ever in San Francisco, we figured we’d take them to a few of our favorite places 🙂

w2Makeup + Hair  //   The Glamourist

engagement | naho + greg


Whispers of endearment were exchanged with many kisses here and there.

The sun warmed the streets of San Francisco quite nicely during our walk, so we thought it would be fun to let some leaves get some air.

It was like hanging out with old friends, but with the opportunity to capture the exuberance of their spirits and their love.

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Hearts out to two very wonderful people 🙂