engagement | jessica + justin

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love, of generosity and of goodness. That’s why we thought it was sweet when Jessica told us how Justin proposed just a few weeks before Christmas last year. And now, we had the pleasure of capturing more memories for them just before the holidays.

engagement | briseida + sean

The sunsets have been absolutely astounding lately and we were able to capture it when we shot with Briseida and Sean.
We can’t wait to see this lovely couple again next year for their wedding 🙂

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engagement | natalie + nick

Natalie was gleaming with light and who could blame her. She was marrying John Travolta soon…

No. We’re kidding but it was hard to not confuse Nick with John’s resemblance. Can’t you agree?

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engagement | janelle + ash

For Janelle and Ash’s session, they chose locations that were relevant to their relationship, which included places like their first date at Smitten Ice Cream, and a few other date spots where they shared many good times. Ash is an avid sailor so we incorporated photos by the docks and water as well. This session almost seemed like it went by too quick because we were all having so much fun! Both Janelle and Ash have such a wonderful energy about them and it was a complete pleasure to have met them! We are super excited for them and wish them nothing but the best!

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engagement | veronica + chris


Veronica and Chris were an absolute delight to spend the day with for their engagement session 🙂vc4

Look at these two! We love it!vc1 vc3vc5 vc6 vc7 vc8 vc9

Congratulations to these two love birds 🙂

engagement | cindy + richard


It was Cindy’s first time in San Francisco and we covered a good amount of ground for her first time 🙂

Congratulations to the wonderful couple! They’ll be getting married in China next year – exciting!

engagement | saba + tarek

After a long friendship, these two later realized that their friendship had blossomed into a love where absence made the heart grow fond. And fonder it did grow, as they are now engaged!

When we first met Saba and Tarek, right away we hit it off the bat. Tarek broke the ice by telling us a strange dream he had and as he told the story the night before, meanwhile watching Saba as she held from back from laughing. Saba and Tarek both let both their personalities shine through even more at their engagement session this past weekend. It was non-stop laughs. We decided some playful overlays in their engagement photos would emphasis the playfulness between Saba and Tarek.

Cheers to Saba and Tarek!