wedding | jessica + bryan

It was Thursday.
jb1It was the day Jessica and Bryan chose to celebrate the union of their love with their friends and family to align with an eclipse of our Sun by our Moon. The celestial event symbolizes the joining of masculine and feminine energies, much like Jessica and Bryan’s partnership. It was an intimate affair with the closest family and friends and there was much heart and love put into every detail and interaction. Our love out to Jessica and Bryan ❤
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We did a mini portrait session for Andrew and Ashley, friends of Jessica and Bryan and also the ones creating the the best wedding soundtrack we’ve ever heard in a while. jb93 jb94 jb95 jb96 jb97 jb98 jb99 jb100 jb101 jb102 jb103 jb104 jb105 jb106 jb107 jb108 jb109 jb110 jb111 jb112 jb113 jb114 jb115 jb116 jb117

CEREMONY VENUE  \\  Point Reyes Seashore Lodge
RECEPTION VENUE  \\  Tomales Bay Resort
MUSIC  \\  Zagg, Bryan (the groom), Andrew Gruver, and Ashley Drummond
Officiant  \\  Zdravko Kerelsky (Zagg)

wedding | rachael + goro

When Goro had contacted us, we had no idea he was a wonderfully talented animator for Dreamworks, so once we found out, we were quite flattered to be chosen to capture their special day 🙂 We had a great time with Goro and Rachael and as the day went on, only giggles progressed from both parties.

Rachael’s dress romanced the Napa backdrop perfectly!

Goro looking quite suave in this photo. We discovered early in the day that he could speak five different languages on top of being crazy artistic. Luckily, one of our own, Celeste, was able to keep up in multi-language conversation 😛

It was so adorable how exuberantly ecstatic Goro is!
Him and Rachael had such great energy 🙂

We saw this little guy on our last stop for photos. This little fellow definitely upped the game on puppy dog eyes 🙂

In case you were wondering, below are just some of our favorite pieces from Goro’s own animation archives – they will just make you smile 🙂 
Strange BehaviorDowntownChasing ButterfliesJust WatchingFalling LeafTanuki