portraits | rossan + mark

There are twenty years to go
And twenty ways to know
Enjoy the ride
The faithful and the low
That’s the hide – and that’s the heart of it
That’s the long – and that’s the short of it
That’s the best – and that’s the test in it
That’s the doubt – doubt, not trust in it
That’s the sight – and that’s the sound of it
That’s the gift – and that’s the trick in it
That’s the whole – and that’s the part of it

Happy 20th anniversary to my dear friends, Mark and Rossan!
So much love and an infinite twenty years to go ❤




wedding | jessica + bryan

It was Thursday.
jb1It was the day Jessica and Bryan chose to celebrate the union of their love with their friends and family to align with an eclipse of our Sun by our Moon. The celestial event symbolizes the joining of masculine and feminine energies, much like Jessica and Bryan’s partnership. It was an intimate affair with the closest family and friends and there was much heart and love put into every detail and interaction. Our love out to Jessica and Bryan ❤
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We did a mini portrait session for Andrew and Ashley, friends of Jessica and Bryan and also the ones creating the the best wedding soundtrack we’ve ever heard in a while. jb93 jb94 jb95 jb96 jb97 jb98 jb99 jb100 jb101 jb102 jb103 jb104 jb105 jb106 jb107 jb108 jb109 jb110 jb111 jb112 jb113 jb114 jb115 jb116 jb117

CEREMONY VENUE  \\  Point Reyes Seashore Lodge
RECEPTION VENUE  \\  Tomales Bay Resort
MUSIC  \\  Zagg, Bryan (the groom), Andrew Gruver, and Ashley Drummond
Officiant  \\  Zdravko Kerelsky (Zagg)

engagement | lindsay + rob

Lindsay and Rob showed up to their session with smiles all around and right away we knew it would be a great session. They had no idea what they were in store for but they were up for anything!
We started with city views and then ended at the Sutro Bath Ruins for some intimate photos of them being them. And, them, being COMPLETELY in love 🙂

lr1 lr2 lr4 lr5 lr6 lr7 lr8 lr9 lr10 lr11lr12 lr13 lr14

portrait | angela + gary

Angela and Gary have been together for three years now and it really shows when they get in front of a camera. We loved  both of their energies, lack of timidness, and their unhindered affection towards each other. They really care about each other, and we were happy to document such a great couple and their dog in such a beautiful location.

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