portrait | angela + gary

Angela and Gary have been together for three years now and it really shows when they get in front of a camera. We loved  both of their energies, lack of timidness, and their unhindered affection towards each other. They really care about each other, and we were happy to document such a great couple and their dog in such a beautiful location.

AG1 AG2 AG3 AG4 AG5 AG6 AG7 AG8 AG9 AG10 AG11 AG12 AG13 AG14 AG15 AG16 AG17AG19AG21 AG22 AG23 AG24 ag25

One Comment

  1. Jason Rob Tivey

    Hi Vivian! Remember me! We meet at a function in San Francisco. Very inspiring work! I love the gray, washed out look you captured.in some of the photos. This was a great day to shoot two beautiful people. Looking forward to see what’s next. Take care, and maybe we’ll run into each other again. Jason Rob Tivey

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