engagement | amber + alex

Amber and Alex have are dear friends of ours and we’re so excited they’re going to tie the knot. We had the pleasure of meeting them when we both shot a wedding together many years ago. Alex owns Alex Vo Films and is a very talented cinematographer. His lovely sunshine, Amber, is a talented artist as well. It’s a very heart-felt honor when they asked us they wanted us to photograph them. We love them both and are so excited for them!





Make-up + Hair by Minna Duong


portrait | angela + gary

Angela and Gary have been together for three years now and it really shows when they get in front of a camera. We loved  both of their energies, lack of timidness, and their unhindered affection towards each other. They really care about each other, and we were happy to document such a great couple and their dog in such a beautiful location.

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