portraits | rossan + mark

There are twenty years to go
And twenty ways to know
Enjoy the ride
The faithful and the low
That’s the hide – and that’s the heart of it
That’s the long – and that’s the short of it
That’s the best – and that’s the test in it
That’s the doubt – doubt, not trust in it
That’s the sight – and that’s the sound of it
That’s the gift – and that’s the trick in it
That’s the whole – and that’s the part of it

Happy 20th anniversary to my dear friends, Mark and Rossan!
So much love and an infinite twenty years to go ❤




portrait | antoinette + brian

There never seems like there’s never enough time and that’s probably because it flies by so quickly. Antoinette and Brian reached out to us recently to do their five year anniversary portraits and it’s crazy because we feel like we just shot their wedding a few months ago.

portrait | dee + budeck

Each wedded year together for Dee and Budeck is a special one and for their fifth year anniversary they chose to do photos to celebrate their five years of love.  We had a great time with Dee and Budeck along the beautiful coastline of Half Moon Bay for their little photo (make-out) session 😛

db5 db4 db3

The air was filled with extra joy, not only for their anniversary, but because tomorrow will be an exciting day, as Budeck’s little sister says her “I Do’s” 🙂

db8 db7