wedding | sara + gregory

It’s one thing to fall in love with someone…

It’s another to feel someone else fall in love again before your eyes, and to feel a responsibility towards capturing that love on camera.
Well, Lacey captured every detail of Sara and Gregory’s day beautifully 🙂

They’ll be each others’ sunset.


VENUE \\ Hillsborough Racquet Club – Hillsborough, CA
PHOTOGRAPHY \\ Lacey for Vivian Sachs Photography

wedding | maryann + kevin

Just a few of our favorite shots from Maryann and Kevin’s special day. They wanted a few snaps prior to their intimate dinner reception to remember their special day 🙂


Photographs by Mark for Vivian Sachs Photography

wedding | jessica + joel

A wondrous day where the bride was brighter and memorable than the unexpected snow that came. The closeness of Jessica and Joel were enough to distract us from the surrounding winter wonderland and the memorable laughter that came made this a fun wedding to shoot.

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Shot by our very own talented creatives, Mark and Lacey.

VENUE \\ Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort

wedding | holly + ryan

We’re excited to share Holly and Ryan’s gorgeous wedding beautifully shot by our very own Mark and Eshani. 
VENUE \\ Piedmont Community Hall

wedding | huong + desmond

We were thrilled when Huong and Desmond mentioned that their wedding was going to be held at La Costanera Restaurant by Montara Beach.  Stellar views, an amazing staff, and delicious food are all the reasons we love the restaurant and then some.  The day couldn’t have been anymore perfect, considering how windy it can get at Montara Beach, but the sun did not shy away at all that day 🙂

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Congratulations to the wonderful couple!

OFFICIANT \\ Michael Selic of Beyond Belief Ministry

VENUE \\ La Costanera, Montara, CA

wedding | devon + chris

This season has been filled with many weddings, and surprisingly, many of them have been more low-key and intimate. Devon and Chris’ is one wedding that we have enjoyed shooting and one that our talented photographers, Mark and Lacey, have captured with a certain beauty and calm. Our biggest congratulations to Devon and Chris, whose blossoming friendship led to something that will be forever wonderful.
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VENUE \\ Le Colonial, San Francisco