portrait | subedar


Talk about bright eyes… this little guy is going to be a heartbreaker.



portrait | denim on denim

It’s always a joy seeing these two boys for their annual portraits. Big brother, Aidan, is a natural model. Check out some of the poses he’s been throwing down each year!

portrait | atlas

I once overheard a kid say to his dad, “Dad, some people just don’t life good.”

I’m not sure of the context, but I remember thinking how messed up the world must be if a toddler can recognize that people aren’t making the best choices in their lives.

We hope that all the babies out there never come to this realization and just grow up blissfully happy.

Everyone loves a giggly baby, take Atlas’ lead for instance, “I’m a bit sleepy, but hey, here’s my cheesy smile for you camera. Can I nap now?”  a3 a4 a5 a6