portrait | donovan

A baby in natural sleeping state is still with a sense of quiet awareness. He’s not worried about the dried up tears or flakes of skin on it’s body. He no longer has to look to anything to give him a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction, because he is already there outside of mother and into the world. Real baby portraits because nothing in life is as perfect as imperfection. We should embrace our natural state.

Welcome to the world, baby Donovan.






portrait | elise

Another precious button in the world. Our swaddling skills are really exceptional by now 😉
Welcome to the world, baby Elise!







portrait | baby michael

Baby Michael has finally arrived and he’s a bundle of camera-loving cuteness!


baby | mason + sierra

Welcome to the world, little guy ❤


Sierra was the sweetest. She would come over to lick little Mason’s toes whenever she heard him crying.

We can’t believe how fast time has gone by since we were in Maui to shoot Wen and Rodd’s beautiful wedding. And now their family has grown plus two. It was a joy to finally meet little Mason and the most nurturing labradoodle ever!

baby | myles

I think Myles represented the true essence of what it is to be a baby… because some babies really don’t care to pose pretty. This is the photo story of Myles. Like the honey badger, he just didn’t give a dang. He just wanted his bottle, sleep and clean diaper. This is yet another one of those sessions with a whole lot of laughing.

To sustain the true nature of Myles, these images are unedited.