portrait | huang

Beautiful roads often lead to beautiful destinations.


portrait | vivian + vincent

Someone once told us that babies are bits of star-dust blown from the sky.
If that was the case, then all mothers must have held a star inside them.


portrait | sheilla + david

By far, this has been one of the prettiest maternity photos we’ve taken. And of course, we absolutely could not wait to edit them. Sheilla and David showed up at 8am this morning a little tired but ready for anything 🙂 They are such a sweet couple and did such a great job in front of the camera, considering Sheilla is 8 months pregnant! She’ll be expecting a precious baby girl and no doubt in our minds, she’s going to be a ham for sure!

Congratulations to Sheilla and we absolutely hope to meet the new addition when she makes her debut! We’re so excited for them 🙂