wedding | tashina + james

Out-of-the-box and wild would be a way to describe Tashina and James’ wedding. Their wedding in Folsom was simple but one speckled with little surprises all over… The cake, being one of my favorites!

Tables for the reception dinner were lined with hot pink and surprise hints of cheetah and zebra print. Chinese fighting fishes were the center pieces along with animal crackers and bright lollipops. On the fences that enclosed the wedding area, there were frames with wildlife animals from around the world. Trees ornamented with white circle lanterns and colorful paper cranes provided shade over the ceremony area. The decoration is all of which that portrayed Tashina’s love for animals and animal print. The detail that really caught my eye was a surprise cake-topper that James had custom painted to perfectly portray him and Tashina!

Cheers to a lovely wedding and congrats to Tashina and James!


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