wedding | chen + kentaro

Chen knocked on my door the night prior to the wedding the next morning to hand me the schedule. She had just gotten off work, ran a bunch of pre-wedding day errands and finally drove to Monterey to check into her hotel. She was ready for her wedding and surprisingly not nervous or anxious at all. She and Kentaro had meet through mutual friends and both shared a love for running. Hence, the early morning wedding the next day…. the newly wedded couple was going to run a marathon the next day! Chen was the only girl that could outrun Kentaro. As a result, love blossomed. I have always loved asking how couples meet because it’s stories like these that are just so interesting.

Happy sun + beach = lovely laidback wedding

This is one of my favorite photos from the wedding day of the flower girl.

The blue bridesmaids dresses were so vibrant! Love it.

Reception time!

The chocolate dessert bar they had.

Kentaro’s parents made very touching speeches.

Chen’s father… more focused on his steak during the speeches. So cute!

Another great candid.


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