What’s your style?

Not all wedding photography is created equal. Every couple has their own preferences. Which is your style?


This style is also known as “formal” photography which includes traditional portraits of the bride and groom, the wedding party, and family groupings, not to mention semistaged portraits such as the first kiss, dances, toast, etc.


Relaxed and informal are the ingredients to capturing a wedding’s real, spontaneous moments. There is no “directing” of guests to pose a certain way making the images truly candid. This doesn’t mean we won’t take the posed family pictures you ask for – it just won’t be the bulk of the images shot that day.


Also referred to as “fine art photography,” this style encompasses everything from dramatic lighting, unusual camera angles, and interesting composition. These images aren’t your typical straightforward interpretations of emotions, but rather the kind of creative photography you might discover in a gallery wall or magazine.


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