featured | Reserve Your Best Angle! via Refinery 29

For a limited time only, Vivian Sachs Photography and huge global fashion blog Refinery29 are pairing up to offer the special peoples one awesome deal.
Check it out and take advantage of this SPECIAL DEAL soon before it’s gone!

“Hey kid, you oughta be in pictures…and we don’t mean on Facebook. We’re talking on non-virtual, real-life wall, in a frame, striking a pose that doesn’t involve tongues or someone throwing out a peace sign and looking serious about it. Don’t get us wrong: we love self-shot bar photos as much as the next person, but is that really how you want to remember yourself ten years (or ten minutes) from now? We’re going to assume not. So what’s the alternative? A personal photo shoot with Vivian Sachs, one of San Francisco’s premier photographers is what we call the ultimate alternative. And this ain’t no Glamour Shots—with her work featured in publications from The New York Times to Glamour Magazine, this gal knows how to take a picture with exactly the right mixture of style, authenticity and whimsy. Like you’d hang her shots on your walls even if you weren’t looking like a rockstar in them. So grab your girlfriends, your fam, your bf (p.s. if you’re engaged and haven’t booked your engagement photographer yet—uh, hellew!), or go solo. Whatever you do, make sure you snag this ultra-VIP offer because it’s not likely to come around again. Besides, don’t you want to capture this very special moment in this crazy thing we call life? Yes, we’re joking, but in a we’re-actually-serious kind of way.

Camera-shy? We’ve got a little something extra that’s sure to make you more comfortable. For a limited time, you can book a one-and-a-half hour photo session with Vivian Sachs herself for just $154 (normally priced at $350)! You can sport up to two looks in one location within twenty-five miles of S.F. and be as creative as you like when it comes to theme, props, etc. And if you want help in the hair and makeup department, Vivian can help––just contact her for a quote! When all’s said and done, you’ll come away with a keepsake CD of professionally edited, high-resolution images that you and your family and friends will want to plaster all over your walls (Facebook, living room, and otherwise). Besides, isn’t time for a new profile pic?”


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