client tips | engagement session wardrobe

Don’t know what to wear to your engagement session that’s coming up? We’re here to help especially if you’re unsure of what to wear or don’t have anything stylish in your closet – which may be a good excuse to do some shopping 😉

For starters, we recommend consulting with a stylist. Our studio does exclusive collaboration with a cute boutique on Clement Street in San Francisco called Seedstore. They’ve got plenty of cute and fashionable clothes in their store that you can’t really go wrong no matter what you buy! The internet is also a good resource for what to wear, especially wedding blogs and fashion blogs. Below are also some examples from

Now guys, men, chaps! Below are some looks for guys as well (all images are from But first, we can’t stress how important it is for guys to wear fitted pants! Loose pants absolutely never look good in pictures, so guys, if you don’t own a pair of tight-fitting pants, go get one. They don’t have to be skinny pants – just well fitted. A lot of department stores and boutiques offer tailoring.

Oh, and did we mention… a good wardrobe for men plus the zoolander model pose could probably land you a shot like the following – which is pretty hot:

But enough of the jokes. Store catalogs are also another good resource since they include looks to wear! We’ve even had clients who bought the ensembles that they store department store manikins wearing 🙂 All in all, just get creative and don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Other things to consider – and we can’t stress how much a difference these things matter – are props, accessories, and hair and make-up! It’s your engagement session, feel free to get pampered and dolled-up! Not to mention, you’re paying a professional to shoot photos, you should look and feel your best! Get a manicure, go to a blow-dry bar, feel special and you’ll end up with great engagement photos!!!




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