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The Kalalau Trail along Nā Pali Coast of Kauai is probably one of the most beautiful trail I have ever hiked. Never have I done a hike quite as strenuous nor one that runs approximately 11 miles (one way) long along the island’s north shore from Keʻe Beach to the Kalalau Valley.

544479_10101619903656913_1940469149_n 812783_10101619894475313_1205451450_o 578093_10101619879684953_1045168184_n 66144_10101619879605113_1002604649_n 563758_10101619879784753_101253058_n 69652_10101619879520283_910380708_n 525525_10101619879470383_1002665885_n 563570_10101619903612003_1096742886_n

The drive to the trailhead of the trail was lush eye candy. I wish I had taken more photos while on the trail but to be honest, photos don’t compare to actually being there.
579816_10101619894634993_1728262371_n 793726_10101621435716653_535553259_oThe 300-foot cliff that spills straight into a rocky surf was the scariest part of the hike and lucky for us, we came at a good time when the cliffs weren’t slippery.

563724_10101619879734853_190130727_nThis pathway through bushes of orange flowers were the final haul to one of the world’s most paradisical beaches.539702_10101619894600063_1182700607_nThe sunrise view from inside my tent was gorgeous. 560079_10101619879190943_960934082_n


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