wedding | dahye + gil

This sounds like a cheesy story, but I remember seeing Dahye in one of my college classes and thinking how awesome it would be to be her friend. Then after college, we reconnected at a mutual friend’s soiree. Since then we always tried to meet up as much as we could to catch up on current events, travel plans, projects and our attempts of finding love.  It was probably early 2011 since the last time I had lunch with Dahye and then our busy schedules got in the way. Then, in August 2011, while taking a late night break from editing to see how all my good friends were doing via Facebook… yes, Facebook of all things… Dahye chanegs her status to “engaged”… a huge surprise… but more importantly, she finally found the love of her life!

Loving, caring, considerate, and funny as hell pretty much sums up Gil, and it’s apparent why Dahye fell in love with him… even if he is a tad shorter than her 😛

dg1 dg2 dg3 dg4 dg5 dg6 dg7 dg8 dg9 dg10 dg11 dg12 dg13 dg14 dg15 dg16 dg16a dg17 dg18 dg19 dg20 dg21 dg22 dg23 dg24 dg24A dg25 dg26 DG27 DG28 DG29 DG30 DG31 DG31A DG32 DG32A DG33 DG33A DG33B DG33C DG33D DG34 DG35 DG36 DG37 DG38 DG39 DG40 DG41 DG42 DG43 DG44 DG45 DG46 DG47 DG48

It was such an honor to be there on Dahye and Gil’s special day and to celebrate an everlasting-found-love for a friend I’ll cherish for life.  I’m so excited for them and their future lives together!



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