wedding | julie + brenton

Julie and Brenton’s wedding had, to say the least, a lot of steez (aka style). But that is no surprise, considering Julie is a fashion stylist and Brenton is one of LA’s finest celebrity hair stylists. Their color palette of yellow and teal fit their personalities perfectly. Noor, set in Los Angeles, was the place where they said they vows under an amazing full moon and where the party went down. There was so much good energy and vibrations all around. Not to mention lots of surprise dance numbers and some!

jb2 jb3 jb4 jb5 jb6 jb7 jb7a jb7b jb8 jb9 jb10 jb11 jb12 jb13 jb14 jb15 jb16 jb17 jb18 jb19 jb20 jb21 jb22 jb23 jb24 jb25 jb26 jb27 jb29 jb30 jb31 jb32 jb33 jb34 jb36 jb38 jb39 jb40 jb41 jb42Congratulations to the fine wedded couple!


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