engagement | valerie + tony

We had a great time with Valerie and Tony! And how did we meet them… funny story 😛 Let’s just say it was the last wedding of 2012 that we were covering and they were the videography all-stars (soon-to-be husband and wife all-stars) behind Bowtie Productions covering the same wedding. At the end of the wedding, Valerie and Tony  saw our team kick up our shoes in joy of completing the last wedding of 2012 and told us they liked us and they were going to hire us for their big day. Fast forward a few months later and low and behold…  we are super excited to be there for them!

vt1 vt2 vt3 vt4 vt5 vt6
They definitely let their personalities shine through during the session and the was no lack of laughter and jokes! Congratulations Valerie and Tony and see you soon 😉


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