wedding | pearl + ricky

Today, Pearl and Ricky invited all their vendors out to lunch for a little reunion to reminisce about their incredible Tim Burton-themed wedding. We can’t say how nice it was for a couple to do that for their vendors. Alex from Alex Vo Films shared his highlight video and we haven’t seen anything like it in the wedding film industry. We’re really looking forward to sharing it with everyone soon!

Pearl and Ricky are big Tim Burton fans and their vision for their special day was inspired by his unique style. They knew they wanted something simple, not too cliche and something with a little more sophistication that wouldn’t go out of date years from now. So they did something unlike any other couple and gave their vendors full creative reign, trusting them to use their talents to make the couples’ vision come true. The results were unlike any other wedding we’ve ever seen and we’re honored to have shot such a unique wedding 🙂 You can view the EPIC highlight video by Alex here!

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VENUE // Palm Event Center in the Vineyards
MAKEUP + HAIR // Maria Chang
FLORALS // Nicole Ha
CAKE // Not Just Cheesecakes
DESSERT TABLE // Jennee Johnson


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