engagement | yvonne + tim

Both Tim and Yvonne are in the film industry and although we all hadn’t planned it, the images from their engagement session seemed to be inspired by the unique styles of several Hollywood directors. The session started out with the usual pretty photos and somehow became more and more interesting as the day progressed. See for yourself and try to guess which movie each image is inspired by.

Even their 3-year old pit bull, Mochi, made a cameo. It would come as a shock and it’d have to be seen to be believed, but Mochi has very human-like qualities. She’s also quite the spoiled brat sometimes and can tell you when she wants to go out by actually saying “Out”… Crazy right?yt3 yt4 yt5 yt6 yt7 yt8yt15 yt9 yt10 yt11 yt12 yt13 yt14


2 thoughts on “engagement | yvonne + tim”

  1. I love the engagement pixs, I didn’t know you had a pit bull, she is beautiful, wonderful photos and many congrats to the three of you!

    Susan & Glen Peterson
    Jaffrey, NH

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