wedding | kyle + niall

Niall had always known that whomever married Kyle would be the luckiest man in the world.  They were great friends through high school, kept in touch when we went to college, and started dating since 2006.

In the spring of 2010, Niall ended up at Sutro Heights Park,  situated near Cliff House.  The entire western stretch of beaches in San Francisco is visible from this park.  There were some incredible artists down on the beach constructing sand murals and this had a lasting impression on Niall.  Shortly afterwards, Niall knew how he would propose to Kyle.

He found a way to contact one of the artists that he had seen making the beach sand murals. His name was Andres Amador.  Niall explained his ideas to him of how they could work together, Andres taught Niall about how he creates beach sand murals, and after a few hours of discussion we put everything in motion.  After reviewing the tide chart with Andres, Niall nailed down the date he would go on bended knee.

Niall would forever be the luckiest man in the world!

kn3 kn4 kn5 kn6 kn7 kn8 kn9 kn10 kn10a kn11 kn12 kn13 kn14 kn15 kn16 kn17 kn18 kn19 kn20 kn21 kn22 kn23 kn24 kn25 kn26 kn27 kn28 kn29 kn30 kn31 kn32 kn33 kn34 kn35 kn36 kn37 kn38 kn39 kn40 kn41 kn42 kn43 kn44 kn45 kn46 kn47 kn48 kn49 kn50 kn51 kn52 kn54 kn55 kn56 kn57 kn58 kn59 kn60 kn61 kn61a kn62 kn63 kn64 kn65 kn66

CEREMONY VENUE // Sanctuary Cove, Tucson, Arizona
RECEPTION VENUE // Stardance Event Center, Tucson, Arizona
BEACH SAND MURALS // Andres Amador


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