wedding | tracy + john

Sometimes it’s the most intimate details that matter and we’re not talking about accoutrements and decor.


Tracy and John originally had plans for a Californian wedding in the states but the Hawaiian oasis of romance and tranquility won them over. The fact of having their closest friends and family all coming to Hawaii to celebrate with them was all that really mattered ❤

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VENUE // Halekulani Hotel


One thought on “wedding | tracy + john”

  1. Great pics. We have started as a place where people can celebrated moments which are historical in life and have them immortalized on a global, virtual, eternal graffiti wall. We believe weddings are one such moment and believe photographers like yourself can help us create this wall of human history by giving your clients a chance to immortalize the day with one of your pictures. Heres a video showing how to load a birth tile for our global birth registry, the process is similar. Thanks…

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