25 years of fashion

It’s amazing to see what BCBG Maz Azria has been doing for the past two decades and more. And this year they are celebrating their 25th year anniversary as the iconic California fashion house that continues to not only remain relevant, but also ahead of their game.

“For 25 years we have shared our designs with our customers, giving them a chance to own a piece of BCBG history,” chief creative officer (and wife of Maz Azria) Lubov Azria tells us. “The 25th Anniversary Retrospective is a tribute to our incredible past. With the pop-up opening in tandem with our exhibit, we are giving people another opportunity to share a piece of our heritage. If you’ve never worn BCBG, this is a great chance for everyone to live the ‘Bon Chic, Bon Genre‘ life.”

We had the gracious honor of being at their amazing celebratory dinner when Lubov came to visit San Francisco recently.

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