portrait | lexie grey + meatball

We had the cutest little Frenchies in front of the camera the other day!
Get ready to swoon over Meatball and his sister, Lexie Grey 😉m2 m3

2 thoughts on “portrait | lexie grey + meatball”

  1. Hi,
    So these are insanely cute photos, and I had to do a little reverse-image searching to find them, as the one I first saw was on Pinterest, but linked to a page that doesn’t include the pictures. I’m not sure if that’s a deal you made with the brand or something (the link is for a dogbone necklace at Lord & Taylor), so I didn’t flag it or anything, but I did want to let you know so that if that’s *not* the case, you can flag it or whatever! (Here’s the link: http://pin.it/22OKB3y).

    I have zero vested interest in this, I just hate when I can’t find the sources of cute puppy pictures I want to share!!

    – Mara (and the Batpig…ok, mainly the Batpig)

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