wedding | ann + david

We’ve had people ask if we ever get tired of shooting at San Francisco’s beautiful City Hall and to be quite honest, we don’t. People might think that the shots are usually the same but every couple is so different, that their personalities bring out a different set of images each time. Take Ann and David for example, they started the morning off by helping each other get ready with their closest friends helping with hair and makeup, and tying up any other loose ends. When Ann put on her dress, David and we were in complete awe. Her dress seemed to capture the classic surroundings of city hall. And her veil, oh goodness that long veil that caught the wind so perfectly, like a feather floating to the ground.

They followed their nuptials with an after party right in their San Francisco backyard and instead of cutting the cake, they started the party off with a prosciutto slab cutting. Nom Nommm!

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