portrait | marco + luca

Marco and Luca have been in front of our cameras for five years now and it’s hard to think that they’ll now be moving abroad with their family. It’s almost like parting with family after seeing these boys grow into such calm and intelligent souls. Attachment is hard to avoid when there is passion.
This isn’t goodbye… we’re so excited for the next chapter in these boys’ lives 🙂



Mia + Hannah

Finally back from Costa Rica! Still haven’t unpacked since I’m off to Los Angeles again this Thursday.

Luckily, I had some time to do a delightful little shoot with two sweet little girls for their modeling portfolio, Mia and Hannah. Thanks again to Joli de Jackie for primping up the girls, although there was little primping necessary 😉

Check out some the photos from the shoot! You can view more images on my facebook.


Mia’s baby sister, Hannah is such a cutie! We played little games while shooting where Hannah would dance, walk, hop, or fly like a plane, and I would say freeze.