Volvo car meet

Carlson Volvo in Palo Alto was hosting a Volvo car meet on Saturday, August 8th. My boyfriend heard about the meet on Swedespeed, a forum for Volvo lovers. I went along with him because I finally had a break from the fashion shoots and brought along my camera just for fun – Glad I did since there were some interesting cars there and I played around along with different picture perspectives and compositions. For those who know their Volvos, “there were over 80 volvos, including a lot of [S60] Rs and some cool P1800s” (as noted in my boyfriend’s post – he brought his S60 R). There was a Volvo R there with blue stripes which was probably my favorite. My boyfriend posted the photos on the swedespeed forum. Here were some comments my boyfriend got from swedespeed users for the post:

“I love the photograph of the nose of that S60R, something about the composure, absolutely great!”
– m.olennick

“The Carlsen show was cool, nice pics thanks for sharing. Your lady takes some cool images, she must have her PP (post processing) down.”
– 850arrrsaylikepirate

It’s always nice getting feedback from others – it puts a smile on my face to know that people like my photos and reminds me why I love photography so much! Yay! Below were the photos I gave my bf to post:
classic red volvo
blue stripes


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