engagement | laura + dusty

These two were very adorable – you can tell from the photos alone that the couple is completely head over heels for each other. The photos were shot at Jeff Fisher’s (Tennessee Titan’s coach) brother’s house, which was a wonder in itself! You can tell the house belongs to a regular safari adventurer – knick knacks from all around the world probably… not to mention a boar’s head on the wall above a grand piano! Also, a side note for brides-to-be since weddings have been running rampant all summer long, Laura happens to be a certified coach for “Bridal Bootcamps,” where brides can gather up all their girls for a day of fun “get fit” activities, ranging from group mile jogs to underwater yoga. That’s what I call quality girl time! You can contact Laura at bridalbootcamp.com for more details 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak at Laura & Dusty’ engagement photos:
laura + dusty


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