eye candy

There will always be a soft spot for Leica’s in my heart ever since my brother first mentioned them to me. Fortunately, my brother and I had the chance to test out the M7 and M8 for a weekend during Leica’s Test Drive promotion. These rangefinder cameras are a lot of fun to use, not to mention their attractive design and impeccable quality. Now, Leica has come out with the Leica à la Carte – a fully customizable camera “available through an online Configurator, [where] a user can choose between the Leica MP or Leica M7, and then delve deeper into over four thousand technical and styling choices. In additional to a myriad of technical selections, options get as in-depth as the lens cap color, leather trim, viewfinder frame-lines, controls, and personalized engraving.” They even have custom lizard or ostrich embossing – further pushing the customization level into the more exotic realm!

Here is my custom Leica à la Carte w/0.58 focal length set for the 0.58x viewfinder magnification that includes the frame pair/frames for 28 and 90mm, 35mm, and 50mm (if and when I get one – price starts at 4560 USD):
my custom leica


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