Let’s talk baby

Karen and Albert were hitched back in August 2009, so you can imagine the sheer joy I felt when I heard that they had a little one on the way. It is exciting when clients are able to share the biggest news in their lives with me and for me to be so lucky to have the opportunity to capture each milestone.

These tiny shoes were darling!

Ironically, Albert had jokingly forewarned Karen that this would be the most exciting maternity shoot. Little did we know that he was right…

As soon as they started walking on the tracks, a train was well on its way. What an unforgettable experience! It is one of those moments when you think something may happen and it actually happens.

The colors of this dress that Karen picked out really brought out that beautiful mother aura in Karen.

This has to be by far my favorite maternity shoot to date. It was not quite sunny outside… overcast to be exact… but my absolute favorite weather to shoot in. Also, I have been playing around in Lightroom a lot and have created a new treatment that I adore. Every image is simply precious and even I am mesmerized by the delicate colors and undertones in each image. Hope you liked them too!


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