Time flies too quick sometimes. I remember quite clearly when it was just February and I had booked a wedding in Costa Rica and am now just realizing tomorrow I will be on a plane on my way there. Although I had not initially planned on an international trip this year, I somehow managed to go on one regardless. I am not complaining as I am very excited as I will be covering a wedding for an accredited IMDb cinematographer while I am out there as well.

The rest of this year will be mostly travel, as I will be heading to Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL after my trip in Costa Rica. It will be a nice end to 2010 after working long hours every week/weekend since April.

To all my current and prospective clients, I will be be traveling and unavailable on the following dates:
November 9-21, 2010 — Costa Rica
December 2-6, 2010 — Los Angeles, California
December 20-29, 2010 — Orlando, Florida


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