Newspaper wallpaper. Found this while doing some inspiration research for my next spread. It makes me think that my room is in need of a makeover modification. Things to go on the weekend warrior project list. 😉

It’s all about experimenting with what you’ve got. Look around your space, or a friend’s. You can use almost anything:

Pages from an old book: I couldn’t sell back my outdated Norton Anthologies, so I’m prepping those wafer thin pages to cover a column in 17th century poetry. There’s like, 2000 pages in all.

Postcards from the edge: If you’re someone whose friends and family travel to ooh-la-la places and send good pics, use them.

Greeting cards: Sort them by dominant color, (cut them up if you’re not sentimental) and create your own David Hockney-esque masterpiece

CDs/DVDs: You don’t really need that outdated Windows Install CD do you? Declutter as you design by taking those cast-off CDs from home and the office and paint them to create a geometric border or wall treatment. It will look like, totally groovy.

Sheet music: So lyrical and artsy

Office swag: If you’re the type to bring work home, why not do something cathartic with those oh-so-colorful TPS reports? Or try business cards

– Adopted from fabgreen


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