Modern-day Muse

The road up the hill was windy. The heat was sweltering. So much so that you could sweat even with the AC blasting in the car.
“What about here?” she said.
“Perfect!” I replied as I pulled up to the side of the road. Megan got out and immediately walked up to the horses while I got my gear out of my trunk.
“Ooo… you’re just the sweetest creatures.” Megan says as she pulls one of the horses’ faces close to hers as if she were kissing a boy. “I wish you could come home with me old boy.” She continues talking and I start shooting…

This is how I first met Megan. The photos from that day came out great. The photos of her today, still come out great. So begins my topic on muses. Every photographer has one. Mine is Megan.

My most recent photo of Megan.

It has always been a pleasure to shoot with her and the adventures have been very random and endless… (including shoots with chickens, tall trees, and tiny mice… oh my.) Megan has been a great inspiration to me, as a person and as a friend. I sometimes think I am hanging out with Snow White when I’m with her. Animals seem to have this affinity to her. It is almost ridiculous.

Cheers to you, Megan!


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