keeping the love going

Friday morning is here finally. Woke up at 9am after editing until 6am… tired as heck. Figured a morning stroll around the block might help me wake up since the sun is out.

Good thing is… the walk helped. Aside from the fresh air, warm sunshine upon me, and some breathing room from the editing and admin/accounting work that comes with my love for photography, I walk pass an elderly couple crossing the street. The husband can walk a little faster but he turns around to see if his wife, of what looks like over 50 years, is right behind him. Keep in mind that he is only about 2 steps ahead of her but he turns back and grabs her fragile hands. She looks at him and they both continue walking… hand in hand. My heart, of course instantly melts. That is what would be defined as true love, long and lasting. Thinking back at all the weddings I have shot, I hope that all my couples have that, as this is a reminder of why my love to capture a couple’s special day 🙂

Oh, all this lovely dovey morning feeling made me inclined to pick up a new book on the way home.

David Levithan is one of the authors of  Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. I loved that movie and if you love it too, it might just be your thing 🙂

– – –

Happy Friday to all the lovely couples.

Love on.


One thought on “keeping the love going”

  1. Vivian – reading this makes me just THAT more excited to have you shoot our wedding. You really get love, and we are thankful for that. xo

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