wedding | cam + patrick

Cam and Patrick’s beautiful Santa Barbara wedding at the Historical Museum certainly evoked some romance of early Spanish California. Right when you walk onto the premises of the venue, you’re welcomed by the native and exotic landscape of vibrant green succulents. The rustic wooden beams supporting the stuccoed walls and bright terra cotta tiled roofs definitely look like they have held their weight since 1932, which was when the historical museum had its beginnings. With plenty of alfresco gathering space in the courtyards, this venue exudes a sense of relaxation and fostering connection to nature and the surrounding history. It’s no wonder why the lovely couple chose the charming place to complement their intimate and laid back wedding.

cpat2 cpat3 cpat4 cpat5 cpat6 cpat7 cpat8 cpat9 cpat10 cpat11 cpat12 cpat13 cpat14 cpat15 cpat16 cpat17 cpat18 cpat20 cpat21 cpat22 cpat23 cpat24 cpat25 cpat26 cpat27 cpat28 cpat29 cpat30 cpat31 cpat32 cpat33 cpat34 cpat35 cpat36 cpat37 cpat38 cpat39 cpat40 cpat41 cpat42 cpat43 cpat44 cpat45 cpat46 cpat48 cpat49 cpat50 cpat51 cpat52 cpat53 cpat54 cpat55 cpat56 cpat57 cpat58 cpat59 cpat60 cpat61 cpat62 cpat63 cpat64 cpat65 cpat66 cpat68 cpat69 cpat70 cpat71 cpat72 cpat73 cpat74 cpat75 cpat76 cpat77Cam and Patrick were glowing with excitement the entire day and we couldn’t be more happy for them!


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