portrait | rex + hunter

Suspenders and king crowns are the things that delight today.



portrait | toddy + owen

Each year seems to end faster than the last. It’s always a joy to see these two boys at the end of every year and how much they’ve grown. From babies in their mommy’s tummy to toddlers running fast and wild on the beach, stopping randomly to  throw out shakas and spider man web flings. The best part of seeing them every year is that it gets a little easier, especially since they know to when to look at the camera and to act natural in front of the camera 😀

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portrait | kenzo + family

The last time we saw Kenzo, he was only a few months and now he’s turning a whole year old! He’s grown so fast and he still has his little quirks we noticed from our first session, like grabbing his feet and legs. Our session was at Baker beach and although it was a little windy, Kenzo was a trooper and still managed to squeeze out some giggles! He’s such a chub-ball and we can’t wait to see him again!

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Happy birthday to Kenzo!!!

portrait | the lee family

Lucky for us, the sun has been peeping its happy face in San Francisco these past few days. Here’s one of our favorite family sessions from this past week 🙂

Just some good old family love on a perfect day in San Francisco 🙂