portrait | rex + hunter

Suspenders and king crowns are the things that delight today.



portrait | atlas

Atlas just turned six months now and he’s nothing but chubby baby smiles ❤

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portrait | luca + marcos

It’s always a joy to see these two little guys again each year ❤
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portraits | cookies + lollipops

It’s Easter and we got to spend some time with these two boys today. We’re always so excited to see these boys each year and this time Oz is turning four years old and Zander is now two, the same age that Oz was when we first met the family. Time certainly flies but sweets never cease to get the boys’ attention during our portrait sessions with them. Today, they got their essential sugar high with a some cookies and a lollipop each and the excitement in their faces were just too cute!

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portrait | kenzo + family

The last time we saw Kenzo, he was only a few months and now he’s turning a whole year old! He’s grown so fast and he still has his little quirks we noticed from our first session, like grabbing his feet and legs. Our session was at Baker beach and although it was a little windy, Kenzo was a trooper and still managed to squeeze out some giggles! He’s such a chub-ball and we can’t wait to see him again!

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Happy birthday to Kenzo!!!