Just like mangos

“Just like mangos, our photo cards are sweet, fresh, and tasty and we carry them for every event and occasion in your life.”

This is Mango Ink’s slogan. Besides the catchy name, they are known for their “hip, retro, cool and unique digital photo cards for every occasion.” Their designs are modern, fresh, simple and enough to make anyone a fan. Mango Ink sprouted from a husband’s love for mangos and cards that are as sweet and tasty as the mangos he loves. He and his wife love even more that they could send the very cards they love, made with love, to the people they love. And that is what Vivian Sachs Photography loves as well.

Mango Ink only partners with selected photographers from around the world and it’s a wonderful feeling to be included in the list of the amazing photographers already teamed up with Mango Ink! Even more exciting is that all of Mango Ink’s products are readily available to any Vivian Sachs Photography client. Now clients can have any photo from A Vivian Sachs photo session turned into one of any beautiful designs designed by Mango Ink:

Wedding Invites

Save the Dates

All Things Baby

Graduation Announcements

Thank You Cards




This is the beginning of a beautiful thing!

Images courtesy of mangoink.com.



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