food kicks

Doesn’t that Chicago dog combo from Fletch’s look delicious?
Recently, we had the opportunity to work with several small businesses in San Mateo and some of you may recognize some places. As many know, we’ve been in our necks with a busy wedding season, so it was definitely nice to switch gears and do some fun commissioned commercial work. Lots of the small businesses were restaurants and it was hard to keep our appetites at bay. Check out some of our favorites shots from the project!

n1 Handsome looking Dungeness crab from Red Crawfishn3Cajun Seafood special, also from Red Crawfish. Yum!n2Tea time at Hop On Sushi! The head chef is such a kind soul, if anything come by and visit.
n4 n6 The monster Rave Burger from Rave Burger.n8 n11Clam chowder from Attic


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