A special type of kindness

We all like “real” people.
Genuine people who have no need for pretense.
But to become one of them you must first practice kindness toward yourself.
Here’s why you should be kind to yourself.
It causes you to be more open to other people.
Kindness towards yourself gives you the confidence to open your real self to others.
But what does “be kind to yourself” actually mean?
It means you stop saying things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a good friend.
It means you build yourself up even after you make mistakes.
It means you take time to appreciate what you like about your appearance when looking in the mirror.
It means laughing at your mistakes and loving yourself anyway.
This is a special sort of kindness.
 Of all the people you interact with in your life, there’s one person you have the most power to influence.
It’s yourself.
Be careful not to abuse that power.
Use it for good.
Kindness toward yourself gives you the confidence to come out of your shell.
As your confidence goes up, you will naturally allow others to see the real you.
The version of you who has no need to hide.
This is the most attractive version of you.
Because nothing dispels loneliness more than interacting with a person like that.
A person who is real.
Be that person.
It’s who you were meant to be.

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