how deep is your seoul

A quick hiatus in Seoul sparked a fun-fact about couple pairing, but first some photos 😉


Apparently, in South Korea, blood type is a big deal.

It doesn’t just deliver oxygen to the rest of your body—it determines your personality. People in South Korea are automatically stereotyped thanks to their blood type. While this belief originated in Japan, it has taken a firm hold in South Korean culture, and it might even make a difference in who marries whom.

There are positive and negative traits assigned to each blood type:

People with Type A are thought to be conservative and punctual, but they can be also obsessive, uptight, and a bit introverted. However, they think that cheating on their romantic partners is wrong and will thus be extremely loyal.

People with Type B are a totally different story. While they have some good traits like creativity and passion, they’re also willing to cheat on their partners, lazy, and impatient. There’s even a South Korean movie called My Boyfriend is Type B, a romantic comedy about a Type A girl who falls for a Type B boy and has to deal with his impulsive nature.

As for Type AB, they’re supposed to be cool and under control, but they can be elitist, harsh, and judgmental.

Type O means a person is ambitious and athletic. They want big things in life, and nothing is going to stand in their way. On the flip side, they’re pompous and egotistical, but once they decide to commit to a relationship, they’re generally pretty loyal.

So if you ever visit South Korea, you might want to figure out your blood type first—someone is going to ask eventually.


2 thoughts on “how deep is your seoul”

  1. Haha you’re very right… I had quite a few discussions with Koreans because I believe the bloodtype-personality link is ridiculous 😛 ah well… I’m type O, it seems pretty okay ^^

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