featured | Eat well. Live Well.

We recently worked with Bobby Maximus, training director of Gym Jones, one of the country’s most elite and hardcore gyms, and Iron Chef Viet Pham on their newest project.

Meatlocker sets to improve the quality of life by providing the highest quality proteins. It’s that simple. They are comprised of lifelong industry insiders, chefs, farmers, family men/women, business people, food lovers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and one certified beast of a human being in the ultimate goal to:

Eat well. Live Well.

Check them out at meatlocker.com!


blurb | fashion + food

It’s crazy randomly happening upon archived work and thinking back at the thought processes that went into a shoot years later. I can definitely say that it’s been a long time coming and I’m constantly reminded of my roots in fashion photography when I look back at my older work. I remember the owners of the noodle restaurant coming to me and asking for a different type of shoot that welded fashion and food. This is still one of my favorite interpretations 🙂

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love love love

Love is in the air.
We wrapped up our very first Vivian Sachs Photography promotional commercial campaign with a great crew yesterday! Below is a baby teaser of what’s to come:

Thanks to everyone who helped on the project for all their hard work and creative juice flowing antics! It was an awesome experience for us and we’re excited for the finished product!